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About Clemens D.

Clemens got in contact with the intenet in the early nineties where he played around with acoustic devices for internet connectivity. He went to a technical college where his main focus relied on electronics, but with a strong tide to information technologies and made his exam in 1998. He graduated in 2002 at the University of Applied Sciences and Technologies in Salzburg, Austria, at the faculty of Telecommunication Systems Engineering. During his time at the university he proved himself in setting up the lecture and the workshop of Advanced Software Engineering together with the faculty staff. After graduation he went to an IT-company which was merged 2002 with a local ISP, forming a local data center provider.

His first area of interest was consulting and projects for companies, helping them satisfying the upcoming needs of information scecurity through virtual private networks and IP-security (IPsec VPNs). Since 2008 he was Senior Network Engineer and responsible for internal and external IP-Connectivity and -security, and for Network Engineering.

After more than a successfull decade he was recruited by one of the leading retailers in central Europe, where he is responsible for the global network architeture and subsequent project planning. Due to strategic changes, the area of expertise changed to identity management, with a strong focus on B2C governance and service architecture.