Midokura open sources its software

Midokura, vendor of the overlay network software MidoNet is open sourcing its core product to align itself more closely with OpenStack. MidoNet, one of the few companies who’re doing networking right, is pushing its efforts to openstack. Their previous competitor in the area of overlay virtualization networks – nicira – was aquired by VMware and…

BGP Route Injection Script

Maybe you’ll want to play with scaling of full feeds but you won’t setup a BGP-Session to your vital routing systems. On the other hand simulating a fullfeed takes some configuration time adding some hundred thousand routes on your testing equipment. That’s where bgp_simple enters the game….

400GbE – Ethernet Alliance Study Group

As mentioned on the Website of the Ethernet Alliance, a new study group is established which will take concern of 400 Gigabit Ethernet….

Cisco releases Parts of EIGRP to the IETF

In January Cisco decided to release parts of their proprietary routing protocol “Enhanced Interiour Gateway Routing Protocol” (EIGRP) to the IETF….

Packet of Death interrupting Intel-NICs

As reported by Kristian Kielhofner there seems to be an issue in some Intel NICs shipped with the 82475-chip onboard. Packets with certain content causes the NIC to fail, which results in a disconnect and traffic disruption….

ProCurve 6600 Reboots – Solution

We’ve got an update to our case regarding the spontaneous reboots of our 6600’s. Well, the cause of the reboot isn’t always a memory leak or other violations… Sometimes the real issue is a layer deeper…..

Thank god switches don’t have a screen

Strange… nearly exactly 152 days after a firmwareupgrade some HP ProCurve 6600ml-24G’s they rebooted again. Just 152 days before they rebooted after 152 days of successfull operation, that’s why I ran a firmwareupgrade on them….